Understanding Social Media
Understanding Social Media

Understanding Social Media

My first interaction with Social Media has been with Orkut long ago. It was not so welcoming, rather, I did not understand it much. I felt it was very childish. Then came Facebook and Twitter which have changed the way I interact with people around. I thought then, there is something big happening in this Global Village. Slowly, it started sinking in. Initially, I was using Twitter and Facebook very generally, just writing what I felt and seeing what others are saying. Over the last one year, these both Social Media Tools have changed the way I look at the world. Seriously.

Even though there are many ways to define/design your Social Media presence, there are two ways which I categorize – Knowledge and Connectivity.

Knowledge – I would like to illustrate using an Analogy. I am a Landmark Graduate and during one of the initial introductions, they use a simple analogy to make you think differently and this is their USP. However, it is very practical for each one of us. If you can imagine all the knowledge in this world in a circle (as big as you can imagine), how much in the circle do you know? I am sure it would not be more than a dot. Our knowledge base can be categorized into three broad aspects:

  • I know that I know – I know that i can drive a car…
  • I know that I do not know – I know that i cannot drive an aeroplane…
  • I don’t even know that I don’t know – ???????

Social Media is one key tool for learning “I don’t even know that I don’t Know“. When you see new information, then you realize that you are not aware of it or this is something new!

There is a lot of information in this universe and there are many eminent personalities who have worked and have been working to know more. Today is not the day where you start your day from the beginning every day. You start your day from where someone has left last minute. How do you know where someone has left last minute? This science of Social Media would help. It helps you to connect with people and organizations around the world without any hazels and money and helps you understand things better.

I use Social Media to learn and to share. I strongly believe that only Learning and Sharing will get you what you want and take you where you want to go.

I wrote a post on How I use Twitter? Today, I follow around 746 Tweople and I learn a lot from each of them every single second I am on Twitter. I dedicate certain time during my day to Social Media. At times, this runs to more than two hours and during this time, I Learn and Share. Social Media is the only Institution in this world where Education is not ony free, but worth than all the money in this world put together.

This is the first in the Series of Social Media posts from me. Over the due course, I will share my personal Insights into How you should embrace Social Media, which will change your life.

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