Startup Weekend
Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend

I got associated with Startup Weekend recently and have been thoroughly enjoying my association with them. Am working with the team who is bringing the Hyderabad edition and wanted to share all the information regarding the event here.


Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation have never been as important in our world as they are today. With that, entrepreneurs and innovators across India need all the help they can get through mentors and meeting the right investors.

At Startup Weekend ( we bring together aspiring entrepreneurs and provide a platform to give shape to their ideas.

Startup Weekend ( is founded by Andrew Hyde in 2007 and funded by Kauffman Foundation. You can read more about us at

What happens at SW?

More than 100 aspiring minds come together to identify ideas to give shape. All 100 can share their ideas or they can be part of another idea. Ideas are shortlisted, teams are formed and over the next 48 Hours, the idea takes shape. We have Investors, Idea Evaluators, and Mentors available to guide teams through the process. On the last day, ideas are presented and the shortlisted ideas take away cool prizes.

Startup Weekend in India

Startup Weekend came to India in 2011. The first two events were organized in Delhi (March 4-6, 2011, and Bangalore (March 11-13, 2011,

During Delhi Startup Weekend, 34 Ideas were Pitched, 10 Teams formed; 8 Partners, 5 Mentors.
During Bangalore Startup Weekend, 67 Ideas were Pitched, 15 Teams formed; 7 Partners, 4 Mentors, 20% of teams won prizes.
Now, we are bringing Startup Weekend to Hyderabad from 2-4 September 2011.

To know more about the event, visit You may also join our announcement only mailing list at!forum/startupweekendind, which will keep you posted on the event and other details.

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