Gadget Review: Bose SoundLink Mini
Gadget Review: Bose SoundLink Mini

Gadget Review: Bose SoundLink Mini

No matter what music does – Motivation / Relaxation / Rejuvenation, it is all in the way you listen to it. Musicians take their lives out to create the best they can to ensure we live our dreams.

The key component of music is the notes, the notes which create the vibrations required to touch your senses and instigate you with the best of your thoughts.

Music does the same to me. Makes me romantic / inspires me and helps stimulate the best of the vibrations in me. I am sure it is the same for most of us.

When i chose to buy my home music player, I chose the speakers which gave the best sound out-put, which means all components of the music should be given equal importance and all notes are to be played they way they were recorded. The amplifier is the key, but what if the amp does its best and speakers don’t deliver as expected? 🙂

I decided to upgrade and buy a Bluetooth Speaker to get more out of my music. There are good number of options available today, however, as we all have our economical and environmental influences, we tend to reduce or settle for something less just to keep our hearts content.

Considering the ease to carry, size and cost, I shortlisted the Logitech UE Mini Boom and the Bose SoundLink Mini.

The Logitech UE Mini Boom is a very handy, portable and light speaker which can fit in a corner of your bag and come along without adding a lot of weight. It also has a iOS app which can help you with a little configuration and also if you choose to “double” up the Mini’s, you can use the app to control the output.

The Mini Boom is Lightweight, comes in various colours and has a Battery life is around 8 Hours (in medium volume).
The output of the music is not to its best. It gives priority to the Bass and hence you feel that you are listening to your music having your ear on the wall/table. It gives you that vibrational effect which might kill the essence to the kind of music you are listening.

The Mini Boom costs $99 and you can double it up without much additions to the output. However, when you double up, the distribution between the two is good.

The second option I considered is the Bose SoundLink Mini. The one word I can use to best describe this piece is Value for your Money. It does what it needs to do – deliver the best music quality in its class. It is not too heavy (heavier than UE Mini Boom though), a little bigger in size, but can definitely get into your backpack.

The bass is good and it differentiates the notes without mixing up the tunes. I listen to Rock, Indian Classical and Carnatic music and for these, the note differentiation makes all the impact. The bose delivers good sound output too.

When you add the SoundLink Mini to your iPad and watch a movie, you can definitely have a better output than your TV. I really enjoyed watching an action packed movie with the speaker.

There is an optional Speaker case which you can buy on Amazon which can organize your bag and speaker components.

In summary, considering where the Bluetooth technology today is, Bose has made the best use to give it’s best. Go for it and be Inspired..

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