What I learnt at a Football Game?
What I learnt at a Football Game?

What I learnt at a Football Game?

Today, for the first time, had an opportunity to see the KC Chief’s in action live at an almost packed stadium playing the Indianapolis Colts. It was electrifying. The open stadium is filled with Red (the official colour of KC Chiefs) beating odds of a mild snowfall too. I loved the passion in each of the supporters. I cannot really compare to the crowds of a Cricket Match in India, but still, the passion was electrifying and i was so very impressed. I did learn few things from today’s game.

KC Chief’s has had a very good track this season, winning 11 Games out of the 16 games they played. The KC Arrowhead Stadium recorded to be the loudest stadium in the world on 13 October 2013 recording a sound level of 137.5 dB and I was looking to hear it. Unfortunately, the Chief’s did not fare well today and hence it was not that loud.

Now, what did I learn by being there?

The Passion

We see passion every day in many ways, but the way each of the audience were passionate about their game was electrifying. For all the 60 minutes, each one was so engrossed in the game that they did not even bother the chilly weather around them.

Learning – No matter what the situation is, be passionate of what you do. Results will definitely follow.


When my friend Jeff, who was kind enough to invite me told me that he would pick me at 8:30 AM in the morning, I thought the game begins earlier only to understand they they get together, set up tent’s, cook, have a beer and then head to the game which starts at noon. It has been snowing for the last 24 hours (mild showers though), but even then, I saw families (adults and kids) by the time we reached there around 9 AM who have set up tents, heaters and grills to cook and have fun. Trust me, I would have given it a pass, but thanks to the opportunity, I wanted to see it. I heard these stories earlier, but experiencing in person is so different.

Learning – When you have a passion, you beat the odds. Have passion in you always so that it takes you places and gives you the confidence that you can do what other’s can’t. When I reached there and saw the parking lot, all my laziness was gone and I was part of the crowd.

Beating the odds

I said it earlier, the whole aspect of living is to beat the odds. Defying the weather, taking time out on a Sunday to be at the Stadium to cheer their home team was so awesome. I knew America took pride in their game’s and teams, but this is completely different for me.


In the first Quarter, Chief’s made 7 and as usual, the energy was filled in the whole stadium. However, they could not get pass that mark in remaining quarters. No one in the crowd even thought of leaving till the last minute of the game just waiting to watch if things could turn around.

Learning – This is persistence for me. Wait till the end to ensure you support your passion and don’t bother of the result.

When the World is against you

I put myself in the opponent’s place for a moment. The stadium is packed with Red Colour, it is not their home ground, the first Quarter was bad with no point on the scoreboard. Technically, I could not hear any one voice supporting them, however, they played their best and went on to take over the game.

Learning – When you are following your passion to win, the whole world is not with you. Even then, standing there believing in yourself takes you places.


KC Chief’s play the Chargers on the 29 December in San Diego. I wish nothing but the best for them. KC Chief’s have not won a Super Bowl since 1969 and I really hope and wish this Christmas, they realise the dream and go on to with the World Championship title.

Go Chief’s….

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