Trends for 2014
Trends for 2014

Trends for 2014

As 2014 Dawn’s, it is quite natural for us to ponder on what are the trends coming up.

Here are the Top 5 trends in Technology which I accrued.

5. Mobile

Mobile is one device which is more personal than anything for each one of us. It would be interesting to watch out for the emerging trends in the space, however, as various other technologies become part of our lives, we need to see what other innovations on mobile would change the way we use it.

4. Bid Data

In the last 20 years of technological evolutions, as more and more people started accepting one or the other form of technology into their lives, we have data. Enough data to spot the minuscule aspects of our lives. As more and more data is shared between various stakeholders, Big Data plays a very crucial role in defining our lives of the future.

3. TV

When was the last time you frantically switched channels on the TV trying to find something what you “wished” to watch rather than just watching what you are shown? Am sure it is not long ago. TV is the next big technology influence in our lives. TV is becoming personal like the mobile devices. Private telecasts, Personal channels streaming “passion” programs are beginning to evolve. In the near future, you will be able to create your own channel and air your own programs.

2. Startup’s, Startup’s and more Startup’s

Small Businesses or Startup’s as they are more savvily called, are the backbone of the growing/emerging economies. The rate at which these small enterprises contribute to the economy is changing every day. According to an advertisement by IBM, small businesses account to 99% of all the enterprises and two-thirds of employment.

1. Social Media

Building your brand (personal/business) is going to be very big in 2014. We have been seeing this trend picking up on Facebook in the later part of 2013 and you will see this gaining momentum in 2014.

My sources of information include Bloomberg, Forges, HBR Blogs, Newspapers and various readings on the Net. 

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