Best Running Apps for iOS – ToR: 02 Mins 38 Sec
Best Running Apps for iOS – ToR: 02 Mins 38 Sec

Best Running Apps for iOS – ToR: 02 Mins 38 Sec

I tried few running apps available for the iOS Platform and analysed each of them to analyse which makes running more easier and fun.


Cost: Free
Just made for running, either on the Road, Trial or Tread Mill. Keeps it very simple to track the map of your run track and Preselecting the music Playlist. When you open the App and choose to Run, it stars playing your Playlist.

With the ‘Coach’, you can train for 5K, 10K, 21.1 and 42.2 Distances. I tried the 5K and it has been very useful.
You can add friends and the app will consistently show you the analysis of how you and your friends are doing on a weekly and monthly basis.


Cost: 1 Year – Rs.2,500 or Monthly fee of Rs.620
The basic app is free, however, if you want to have more insights into your activities, you will need to get a paid subscription.

RunKeeper tracks more activities than any other app – Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Walking, Hiking, Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating, Swimming, Wheelchair, Rowing, Nordic Walking.

I tried the basic version and for the Running, it does a pretty neat job in providing analysis. It provides you with the Start Time, End Time, Pace, Calories. Also, gives you the ability to see your activity in Charts and also run splits (if you wish to see how you have done at certain milestones)

Cost: Rs.300
The basic app is free for tracking your running. You also get Training plan for Weight loss, Beginner, 10K Run, Half Marathon, Marathon and Bikini Body Prep with the basic app.

In the paid version, the app provides you with information on Heart Rate and Elevations. Also there is “Story Running” in the paid version.


Basic App: Free
Rs.250 / Monthly or Rs.1,850 Annually

Provides you with information on Distance, Duration, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Calories, Hydration, Minimum Altitude, Max Altitude, Ascent and Decent.

In the Paid version, you get beautiful graphical analysis of your run.

Endomondo can give you various Fitness Tests, Challenges and help you keep pace with your friends.


Cost: Rs.300

A completely paid app with a very different story line. I have not used it, but here is a very good link with the review of Zombies, Run.

LifeHacker identified MapMyRun, RunKeeper, Nike+, Endomondo and Zombies, Run as the best running apps based on a poll.

Based on the easiness to use, if you do not want to buy, Nike+ is the best. This app exactly does what you need, just for running.

But, if you are willing to try a paid version, go for the Endomondo.

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