Beginning to be a Runner
Beginning to be a Runner

Beginning to be a Runner

I have been running off and on for a while and over a period of time I decided to take running a little more seriously than I did earlier.

So, yesterday, I decided to get myself ready for the upcoming TCK 10K on 17 May 2015.

My last reading has been You are an Ironman, by Jacques Steinberg. It is a collection of stories of 6 running from around the world who started running for a small change and to get back in shape, and over the course of time, as fate would have it, have been introduced to Ironman and then began training for the mega-event. The stories will definitely pump up your blood.

Since reading the book, I slowly started to bring running into my schedule. Last week, went for a nutritionist appointment and chalked out a nutrition plan. Yesterday, after my morning run for about 3.66 KM, went and signed up for an on-line Training plan for 10K. Training begins from tomorrow (today being the rest day).

BTW, did I mention? I have been a smoker for last 15 Years and now, I decided to kick the butt (I tried few times earlier when i failed and am not willing to give up any soon). In this process, I wish to let the habit go too.

This blog is dedicated to people like me who wish to follow their passion.

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