Training to be a Runner – 2 Weeks Review
Training to be a Runner – 2 Weeks Review

Training to be a Runner – 2 Weeks Review

As I mentioned in my earlier blog Beginning to be a Runner, I started to run 🙂 I signed up for a beginners 10K running plan from Runners World.
Break up of the Training Plan
The 6 week beginners 10K Plan starts to push you from Day 1. I started with 6.49 KM on day one and ended with 8.21 KM by the End of the week.
The second week started with 4.2 KM and ended with 9.44 KM. Honestly, from second week, it gets a little pushy. You run 5 days a week. For beginners, this might be a little too much, but trust me, you will feel accomplished end of each week. You will not regret the miles you will be logging.
Here is a snapshot of how I did in the first two weeks. My Average speed has been dropping down, but Average pace is bettering up as you can see below.

2 Weeks Running Summary


I started using myFitnessPal to track my food intake and below is a snapshot of how my food intake (calorie intake specifically) has been over the last two weeks. Three days in two weeks, took a break with beer, remaining days have stuck to what my plan.
To add to my luck, my organization started to serve Healthy menu for lunch for the last two weeks and have been sticking to that menu all five days a week, except one day when I had to step out for lunch.
However, being a Vegetarian, it has been a little difficult for me to maintain my food intake. I could pick up Fruits only for few days and then I could not, but was sticking to dry fruits (Walnut and Figs) regularly.
I am not happy with my food intake. Have not been eating healthy and the below graph is a visible proof.
Food Intake
Before the run
Eat a fruit before your run, it will help you build energy. I do early morning runs, considering it is getting warmer here in Bangalore and also there are no decent places where i can run during the day or evening near to where I live. So, before I head out by around 5:20 AM, I eat a fruit and that really pushes me to run more.
Ensure that you warm up and stretch out before the run. Just getting out on the road and running will not help, your muscles get sore and you give up in just few days. Warming up and closing your run with a Cool down process are very important aspects your your run.
Post Run
Relax. Sit down and calm your body and mind. Once you get your breath, complete your run with stretches. This is very important.
Have a Protein shake (2 Scoops) which would help you add some protein to your body and also help you to come out of your tiredness quickly.
Ensure you are wearing a good pair of running shoes. Regular sneakers and canvas shoes don’t help. If you are serious of running, then you need to find the right shoes which support your feet and body. There are quite a few websites which provide insightful information on choosing running shoes. Here are few sites where you can begin,
I am currently using Brooks Revana 2. I put 270 KM on these and I am looking at picking up a new pair after I complete 400 KM.
I prefer shorts and sweat absorbing tee’s. Anything which is comfortable for you and doesn’t make you stop running is absolutely fine 🙂
You will need water while you run. Carry a small bottle so that you can sip when your tonnage dries up. Over the day, drink plenty of water, else you will feel dehydrated which will give you headache and other pain’s which will make your stop running.
Choosing your music
You need something to push you. If you are running alone like me, you would definitely need something to push you further. Choose the right kind of music which suits your style. As long as the music pumps up your heart beat, you can listen to any music you like.
I personally like Rock and fusion along with good Telugu music. You can search on the web for what other runners are listening, see if that suits your tastes and you can pick up from there. You might want to begin here.
After I got access to Spotify, I stopped buying music. The $10 monthly fee is worth to listen to which ever music you wish to listen and even save songs to listen when in offline more.
Tracking your runs
Tracking your runs are definitely going to motivate you when ever you look at statistics they provide. I use Endomondo and Nike Running apps to track my runs. I look at them very frequently to motivate myself. If you use either of these apps, do add me to your friend list so that we can motivate each other 🙂
Find interesting Running books to get even more motivated. They say that it takes 21 days for a new habit to become a part of life. So, the first 21 days of your running schedule is very important.
Here are few books which I suggest, trust me, you would love them.
After I am done with my 10K running program, will start with a Marathon Training plan, but along the way I wish to start following the 60 Week Plan to Be Iron Fit: Time-efficient Training Secrets for Ultimate Fitness.
If you are not much into reading, then watch You Tube videos of Ironman events. They will change the way you look at life completely.
Yes. I did not touch on these topics since I did not do much of strength training in the last two weeks. Building stamina, strength and building your core to take you the extra mile are very important part of your running. I personally wanted to push myself for two weeks before I started on my core workouts. Once I start, I will definitely provide an update in my Running Stories

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