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Well, that’s a very big word to use, but that is how I feel today about myself.

I slept last night a little anxious about how will I be dealing with today. When I entered the stadium it was electrifying and very energizing. I was only telling myself that this is not a competition and only to enjoy the run as long as I could run. I was clear that I am going to push myself but not as much that I am going to hurt myself. The flag off was at 6:00 AM and it was on time. I was very high on energy seeing the crowd. Started at my regular pace and within few minutes was out of the stadium beginning my first ever official 10K. Usually I take a break after about 10 minutes of run and walk for few seconds before I start running again. But today, I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to keep running at my regular pace and see how far/long I can go. Well, I surprised myself. I didn’t not take a break to walk for the first 5K. Then took a small walk break and again back to my pace. I carried lemon and honey water to keep me going. At one place I grabbed few orange slices and a gulp of water. Kept to my pace, kept my cool and just kept going. I completed the 10K in 1:16:23 and when I walked though the finish line, I felt reincarnated. Yes. It is a new beginning of myself and I look forward to reinvent myself.

The #TCSW10K is a wonderfully organized event and a big hi-five to the organizers and volunteers

Finishing the #TCSW10K
Finishing the #TCSW10K
#TCSW10K Medal
#TCSW10K Medal








Welcome to a new beginning.  Look forward for my next 10K on 7 June for Anandayana.

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