Where do Ideas come from?
Where do Ideas come from?

Where do Ideas come from?

Most of the complex problems in the world are already solved in the past; Problems which are not on priority are being solved now and the boring problems have been left for this generation to solve.

From Computing to Search to Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter, all these are not new innovations/inventions, but problems which were solved previously and are now addressed at larger platforms.

Today’s Innovations are stemming from frustrations or inability to connect various solutions. If you look at online market places which bridge the gap in the B2C and B2B segment, this is not a high priority problem. There are existing solutions where we can order goods (by word of mouth, by friends etc). This solution has a limitation. The key limitation is that the choice’s are very minimal and you do not know the variety available in the market. When the problem is magnified, we thought of bringing the world shopping to our finger tips.

For instance, this blog idea is not my invention, but a thought which came about while I was reading about FitMeIn – An online application which offers monthly multiple fitness memberships. What is the pain point they are addressing – Boredom of going to gym everyday. Similarly, quite a few solutions we see today are amalgamation of existing solutions.

Today, there are many platforms from where you can pick ideas if you have the passion to solve them. Use Quora, where you can find many questions and possible answers. Research on this platform to find ideas which you can take forward and solve them. Organisations like HeadStart, Open Coffee Club etc provide a platform for us to solve problems.

Don’t Copy and Paste, but Adapt and Paste is the new mantra.

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