Thinking Big
Thinking Big

Thinking Big

We hear it everyday; in School, In College and at our workplace. “You need to think big if you need to be successful or get things done”. What does this exactly mean?

Thinking big is the ability to understand the situation and analytically arrive at an answer.

This is not easy. Having an understanding of a situation demands understanding the probable answers and then applying our knowledge to derive an appropriate solution.

In few scenarios we do have a lot of input. Even if we did not study the subject we talk to people, read literature and arrive at a methodology. For example, ‘Money Management’. The moment we start earning, we get lot of suggestions of how to save and invest so that we get good returns on our money. Financial institutions do a lot of advertising for us to understand. Even if we did not study Finance as a subject we develop our skills. When it comes to what we want to do in life or better at a job? We don’t get this information easily. We need to invest time to learn and apply our learnings.

In a running race, to participate in an event, you would work hard to build up the stamina and practice your body to help you run without injuring yourself. What differentiates the winner and others is the technique you have built. Developing technique is based on understanding body, its abilities and the plan we device to build it to our need. The person who comes first has ‘thought big’ and understood his/her short comings and worked on them even more than the one who comes second.

It is the same in other facets of life too. Understanding our strengths/weakness; devising a plan to better at each of them are the key ingredients of thinking big.

So the next time you are addressing something, design a plan to get the best out of you. This needs practice and the moment you start practicing you are practicing thinking big.

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