What is your intention?

All of us make New Year resolutions, but over the period of time, they fade away and we loose the energy to accomplish them.

I found a way to work around that.

First, Identify the intention of the Goal. For example, you wish to accomplish something noteworthy which can add to your accomplishments in life. Identify as to how it will add to your Skills/Experience. Spend time on having a complete clarity of the Intention.

Second, break the Goal down into as many smaller tasks as possible.

Third, set a timeline to achieve the smaller tasks. Monitor how you are doing on the smaller tasks each day. If you feel that the size of the task is more than you can accomplish, fine-tune the task even more.

Fourth, each day read your Intention and see how closer you are getting to achieve it.

When all the tasks are completed, you not only achieve your Goal, but you would have attained your Intention.

Intentions are powerful, where as Goals are adjustable and have a risk of getting faded.
Good luck with your Intention for the New Year.

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