Investor Equity
Investor Equity

Investor Equity

Not all investors are interested in just making money through your venture. Few look for being part of the venture, few want decision making, few invest in kind, wish to make a difference etc.

Equity is what we expect in return for the investment we make.

When you go to gym for a workout, your equity is a healthy body and mind. When you spend time with family, your equity is happiness and piece of mind.

Before you start exploring opportunities for Investment, first you need to identify what kind of Investments are you looking for – Money, Time, Mentorship or Value addition.

The next step is to identify who are the people you wish to identify in each category. For each category of Investors, design and define your pitch so that the Objectives and Outcomes are clearly defined.

Key aspects which you need to consider:

  • Ensure you identify the key aspect in your potential investor and structure your conversation in that way.
  • Clearly articulate the Values what you would like your Investor brings to your team and your Incentive for their effort.
  • Emotions are very important and gaining access to emotional commitment is what you need to look for.
  • Keep your requirements flexible. They welcome them.

Once you have the approval for the required Investment, spearhead your venture.

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