Becoming Successful
Becoming Successful

Becoming Successful

Recently, I tweeted “if you want to become a Billionaire, help others become Millionaires”. Over the days I started thinking about it a little more seriously.

In true sense, it translates to “to become successful, help others become successful”.

Is this tough? Not all all. What we need to change is our thought process. In traditional thinking, why should I help anyone? First let me get there and then I will help them. True.

But a little more thinking into it will answer the question. Instead of focusing on ‘getting there’ and then helping others, why don’t we go there ‘together’? This very thought will change the complete picture.

Successful people are inclusive. When you include people around you, they will stand by you and help you get to your destination even if there are roadblocks.

The new time someone starting something, give them a helping hand and help them become successful; in return you have become successful.

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