The Entrepreneurs Equation
The Entrepreneurs Equation

The Entrepreneurs Equation

According to statistics, there are more than 50 Lakh businesses starting each year around the Globe. 3 out of 4 Businesses do not take off.

In a 10,000 people organisation, there is 1 CEO, 6-10 CXO’s and the top tier management is not more than 10% of the workforce.

This is tremendous pressure.

It becomes very important for the Entrepreneur and an aspiring employee to make their lives and career’s successful.

What is the Equation to be successful?

S = P + EI + 2A + D

Patience – Success comes only with being patient with yourself, people around and the situations. Each day is a struggle and it requires enormous energy to be patient. We as humans usually react to situations, but it does not help. Practicing to have a cool head is the only mantra / parameter to be successful.

Practice being patient with everything around you.

Emotional Intelligence has many parameters. According to statistics,90% of success comes through managing Emotions – Be it anger, frustration, low times or stressed times, you need to manage the emotion. It comes with practice and this practice needs to become a habit.

Over last few years, I am trying to manage my emotions. Have struggled but developed one habit – I write each time I am frustrated or irritated. This writing has helped me in handling myself better.

Aptitude is the approach. For every situation, there is a positive and negative reaction we can have. Building the ability to think positive is building good aptitude. When we build this attribute, the world we operate in changes.

Attitude is our ability to our ability to think. We have good feelings and also the negative feelings. Building our thinking ability to look at any situation/person positively makes us healthier and happier. When we are happier, we can think better; when we can think better, the outcomes are much more impactful.

Determination is the key. The willing fullness to put in all the efforts to execute/achieve is what makes the outcome. In sanskrit, there is a line – Determination (Sankalp) is more important than a thought/belief.

Success = Patience + Emotional Intelligence + Aptitude + Attitude + Determination

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