Market Differentiation
Market Differentiation

Market Differentiation

What happens to Movie streaming services in India – Box.TV, Spuul, BIGFlix, YouTube, Eros Now, MyPlex, Mavshack since Netflix arrived?

What is that which has motivated Netflix to come? They do not have a big database of Indian films. They will take time add Regional films to their database and since I signed up during the first few days, I also know they do not have all their TV Shows available for India.

The tablet/broadband penetration in India is also not quite encouraging at the moment. According to DazeInfo, India will have 18 Million tablets int he next 3 years. We can count on the smartphone users (which is currently at around 500 Million), but how many are going to stream movies while on the move?

What is the Market Differentiation? – The differentiation between others to make your offering valuable.

For products like Starbucks, Netflix and a host of others who will be coming to India, two things will be the key – Technology and Price. Definitely Customer service and the Experience will also play a role.

In emerging markets, market maturity will play a role, but not to that extent. At times, big players come to expand their operations and have a pie in the market share. This will be good to the end user. When the choice increases, competitors provide more options. When the consumer has more options, Quality of offerings go up. It will be a continuous Innovation cycle to be on the top.

Having a large number of consumers is also a Market Differentiator.

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