Life is full of changes and the biggest fear we have is accepting it. We like it or don’t, life will change and it will make us accept it.

Change is an every day situation for Entrepreneurs and Professionals. When we resist change, it challenges us and while facing that challenge we tend to make disastrous decisions.

What is Change and how do we embrace it?

There are many definitions of change. For making change powerful, let us define it as to transform. Transformation is good and it should always happen in the positive side.

You identified a pain point and wanted to solve it. The solution starts with what is in your mind and over the period of time, with inputs from consumers and investors, you better the solutions. This is change and it is transformation to your solution.

Over a year and half ago, I lost my mother. Everything stalled for a moment. Life became boring. Loosing a parent is the worst we can face. It took me over six months to at least get over my loss. I didn’t know what to do. Over the period of time, I only told myself, if my mom is with me right now, would she like how I am dealing with things? When ever I felt a ‘No’, I changed my approach.

You are having a wonderful career and everything is going well, suddenly there are changes in the organisation – the leadership changed or you took up a new role. One should always be ready to manage/handle the change which will make you successful.

Success never comes to people who do not embrace change. It is the way of life. The more we accept it in mind and body, the more easier is becomes to deal with yourself. Many enterprises and many careers collapse only because of the inability to accept change.

So, the next time there is a change, welcome it, embrace it and take a positive stride. It is worth it.

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