Set your goal
Set your goal

Set your goal

When we start our careers we have varied goals (at least most of us) and over the period of time we tend to develop setting our goals and this is not wrong.

Before having an generalised approach towards life, we need to be very clear on what is the ultimate objective is? It can be anything, but the one aspect is very important. This one goal changes the way we deal with problems and helps develop the solution.

Gandhiji was just a practicing lawyer in South Africa. He was against racial discrimination and all that he fought was that. Later when he came to India, his objective remained the same (remove discrimination) and he continued his fight against the British for the same. What happened next is history.

Steve Jobs was always obsessed by perfection to the detail in the designs. When he started Apple and during his stint at Pixar and later back at Apple, the outcomes of his efforts are beautiful and user friendly products. His goal has always been perfection to detail.

The key attribute to success is we need to have a goal and we need to make that our DNA.

Unless we stand for something, we fall for everything – Rev. Chaplin

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