Landscape of Wellness
Landscape of Wellness

Landscape of Wellness

Wellness has gained attention in the last few years. With proactive health care management gaining attention, fitness centers, food monitoring apps and health management centre’s have gained a lot of attention.

It is estimated that the Wellness industry is a $3 Billion Market in India.

What is the landscape of the Wellness? Even though the definition is broad, primarily the industry revolves around Weight loss, Nutrition Management, Workout monitoring and sports. Home care and post operative care is also becoming part of Wellness.

The concept of wellness has gained importance in today’s context when people are looking for ways to maintain health and being proactive to managing their wellness. Organisations are adapting to provide proactive wellness management facilitates to their workforce to ensure the productivity levels increase.

Is wellness new? Didn’t we need it earlier? We needed them. With the changes in globalisation, changes in the work style, travels and the basic living, being proactive to manage health not only requires effort but a little of education too.

There are various kinds of medicine systems and understanding and utilising them to better our health would be very good. How do we get there? Startup’s are focusing to bridge the gap. In India, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy are various kinds of medicine systems and today, we have technology helping people utilise the benefits of all the systems. Recently, I met a founder of a startup who is focusing on bringing a collaborative approach to proactive health management. They understand the persons medicine history and help connect them to a combination of medicine formats through their doctors and also help the person monitor their progress through their technology offering.

This is a very good start and with the growing awareness, the concept of wellness is moving upward from just sports tracking apps to health management apps.

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