How to Innovate (Cont.)
How to Innovate (Cont.)

How to Innovate (Cont.)

One of the big factor for Innovation is finding your Inspiration.

Inspiration comes from anything & everything around us and it becomes very important to pay attention. Once we have the ability to see what inspires us, solutions come from unexpected corners.

The inspiration for Dr. V to create a process oriented eye care centre came from watching how McDonald’s was able to provide the same taste of burgers anywhere in the world. The inspiration to create a car came from wanting to have a vehicle to go places faster for Henry Ford.

The inspiration for Elon Musk came when he realized that the future of mankind was three things – Internet, Solar Energy and multi-planetary life. The inspiration to understand gravity came after watching the apple fall from the tree for Newton. Every innovator in this world has had his share of inspiration come from facets in life.

Today, what we need to keep eyes on are the small things which make a difference and understand them to create a better way to deliver.

The idea for this post came after I noticed the small magic book which was sold on the road yesterday.

Innovation comes from the ability to understand the why and what of the problem you wish to solve. What becomes important is not just identifying the problem, but finding the approach to solve the problem. This comes only when you understand the length and breadth of the subject.

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