Dealing with failure. The way I did.
Dealing with failure. The way I did.

Dealing with failure. The way I did.

Failure is the biggest fear we have and at any point of time we hate failing. But, failure is part of life and we need to accept the fact.

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but only a few prepare.

During the preparation process, we need to embrace failure. We need to accept it. But how to deal with it?

When you hit the unexpected lows, keep the focus on what the low is teaching you. It is very difficult to be practical but this is what one needs to be focused on. I have had failures and low times. At times, I try fighting to change things, but many a times, just sit down and think why this is happening. Both have not resulted in good for me. Luckily, from few sources, I understood how to look at failure a little more objectively.

The next time I encountered failure, I wrote down what failed and why I attributed it as a failure for me in the center of the page. Around the page I wrote down what are the possible situations which could have come out of the failure. Did few iterations and then finalized a list of reasons as to what I did not do right and why things did not happen the way I want them to happen. This gave me a holistic view of the failure and helped me think more objectively. I improvised the next time the same situation came.

At times, you do feel that you are right and the situations/people around are not identifying the correct result. Look at this as the area you need to work on because this is the perspective you need to deal with and we will need to address the failure, not as a failure, but as a situation where people can see what you actually wish to communicate.

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