Resilience – The way I work with it
Resilience – The way I work with it

Resilience – The way I work with it

I read and heard about resilience quite a few times in my life. Through the journey, whenever something happened and I learned from it and incorporated the learning into my life, I looked back and thought I was getting more resilient.

Building resilience needs a lot more strength and mental ability. This is the best life skill you can ever learn.

A year and a half ago, I, unfortunately, lost my mother. I last sat with her, ate with her and spoke her wholeheartedly eight months before she passed away. I was away from home and by the time I came back, she was in bed. That was the most testing and tiring times for me. It was totally unexpected and came in as a rude shock.

Just after her death, I was hitting unexpected bumps in my other aspects of my life. Suddenly life is being jolted. Was getting hit from all facets of life. I was not able to do anything that I wanted to do. Even if I did, things were just not working for me. I was frustrated and irritated to the core. Lost all my dreams. Gave up on tomorrow and was really feeling low. This continued for the next few months. Each day was hell. I get up looking forward to the day to end, rather than to live the day.

Then after 5 months, I met someone who redefined and changed the way I think. I could identify my blind spot. Since then, everything looked different. The problems I was facing still exist, but the way I look at them have changed. Situations are the same, but the way I identify and work towards addressing them have definitely changed.

When I look back the last one year, identifying my interest areas and working towards them without looking at the results has benefitted me. I started writing a Gratitude Journal, got back to running, started to write and read again.

Today, I don’t react to situations anymore. My anger and my openness to speaking straight are mostly gone. Earlier, when someone on the road is not driving properly I used to be frustrated and would take the frustration to other things. Today, I do not do that anymore. I am silent and let the anger pass away.

If you are not happy with yourself and things are not working the way you want, the only thing you want to do is focus on what you wish to achieve ( the purpose of life) and do things which motivate you and deviate your attention from the not so good things which are happening.

Building resilience is not easy, but something which you will develop over time.

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