Toughest part of Idea Execution
Toughest part of Idea Execution

Toughest part of Idea Execution

Few days ago, I met with a person who left his job in the US and came back to India to start up. His family continues to live in the US and he shuttles between the two countries every six months. His idea is unique and to both of our knowledge, he does not have any threatening competition as on date. The idea is good, it is self-funded and he is good with it for some time. Since his idea is a platform to bring stakeholders together and provide service, he is doing financially fine as of now.

As we spoke, I asked him what was the toughest part of bringing his idea to reality – convincing family, Money or signing up people? He smiled and said “Marketing”.

He is correct. Having an awesome idea is just not related to the functioning of the brain and connecting with people, but to market the idea to the appropriate stakeholders.

In a startup’s context, Marketing is just not about showcasing your idea to the world, but it is the art of showcasing the idea as it connects to your potential clients.

Marketing fundamentally needs an understanding of what your client is wanting, what is the value proposition of what you are offering and how the offering is positioned.

When Radio Mirchi (98.3 FM) was born way back in 2000, the biggest challenge for them was to make listeners tune into their frequency. No one was switching on the Radio at home or in the car. At this time, Radio Mirchi focused on playing English music which was considered hip and cool. During the time slots of 7 AM – 10 AM and evening between 5 PM – 8 PM, they played English music and slowly people started tuning in to follow the trend.

When an idea is conceptualized, we need to first create our offering in a way such that clients would come to us and then we can build on what our unique proposition is.

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