Personal Health Monitoring
Personal Health Monitoring

Personal Health Monitoring

The hottest segment in Healthcare is proactive Health management. There are quite a few companies and startup’s focusing on providing required platform for us to begin.

Identify what you wish to track
It is very easy to be lost in identifying what you wish to track. Start with a complete Health check, identify what aspects you would need to monitor and start there. If you know you are in general Healthy, then start by monitoring your daily walking, calories burnt and exercise regime etc.

Start by setting goals – I will walk 10K steps a day or I will reduce my Carbohydrate in-take or reduce alcohol etc. Start with anything which can help you feel better and healthier.

Find the right applications/apps
Today, there are quite a few applications which can help you monitor your goals. Research on what practically suits your need and start recording using them. These motivate you and help you understand your lifestyle pattern.

Periodic evaluations of your recordings
What do you with all the recordings? At the moment, there are only few intelligent applications which integrate with your monitoring apps and help you suggest what you will need to do to achieve your goals. Also, they help you understand what you can do better.

Today, it is a stage of acceptance for the Health monitoring apps. All things you do (monitoring steps, calories burnt, food intake, workout regime etc) are mainly for you to understand how your life style has been. However, companies are partnering to share this data and Hospitals are just beginning to see your historical data to understand what your lifestyle has been.

The future of Healthcare will increasingly see more acceptance of personal Health monitoring and there by providing you guidance. Also, the day is not far when Healthcare Insurance will start using the data before they offer you better policies.

I recommend that you start today.

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