3D Printing – Future of Healthcare
3D Printing – Future of Healthcare

3D Printing – Future of Healthcare

This is the second post on this series of what I think will be the future of Healthcare. In the first post, I talked about Personalized Medicine.

Joint replacement, Prostrate legs etc are gaining acceptance worldwide. 3D Printing definitely brings down the cost and hence more and more people can afford them. However, this is just one piece to the puzzle. There are other components which are required for 3D printing to become more affordable and acceptable.

There are two companies which are working on pushing the need for Joint replacements. Stryker Corporation and Zimmer Biomet. They using 3D Printing along CT Bone Scans to develop personalized designs.

This is a long way to go, but organizations like these are changing the game.

Remember how Aravind Eye Care changed the game for Cataract operations by producing lens which cost $5? Aravind Eye Care played a crucial role in bringing down the costs of Cataract surgeries and making it affordable for many people.

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