How to know if your idea is worth starting up?
How to know if your idea is worth starting up?

How to know if your idea is worth starting up?

When you are ready to take your idea forward, the first thing you will need to work on is finding your true clients who buy into your idea.

How do you get real time data to see if you truly have a path breaking idea?

The first thing you do is set up a website (choose the best and the easiest domain name which represents your idea). Setting up a website these days does not cost much and you can register a domain and setup a landing page for not more than Rs.1,000 (~$20).

On this page, provide information of your idea and ask people to register for knowing more details. For this, simply use Google Forms.

Start spreading out the word about your startup. Add a link to your website in your email signature and keep posting on Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc)

Monitor the signups. If you are not getting as many as you expected, then either the message is not reaching the right audience or people are not interested.

You will need to identify metrics to evaluate what the exact reason is. Once you have the right kind of data, then evaluate if your idea is worth taking it forward or not.

After people signup, send an email blast (use services like TinyLetter) to all your subscribers and share your idea at a high level and also ask questions about what they liked in the idea and how they are going to use your end solution. Based on the feedback, start working on your idea.

After all, what is more satisfying than having people buying your product/service without even seeing it?

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