The art of building relationships
The art of building relationships

The art of building relationships

Let us accept it, in this world everything depends on how you build your relationships. Be it with your parents, friends, spouse, children, boss, co-workers, subordinates and your buddies, every relationship needs to be nurtured and built upon.

What happens most of the times is that our expectations in each of the relationships decides how much we get out of each of the relationship. The key here is our expectation.

Recently, Matthieu Ricard, a 69 year old Buddhist Monk is hailed to be the happiest person alive by scientists who have conducted a 12 year study on his brain. The thing what Matthieu Ricard says is that one should train their brain to be benevolent. Very simple, as it sounds.

In building relationships what we tend to do is that over periods of time we unknowingly start building our expectations and with this, the sense of insecurity and instability start creeping in. When insecurity and instability start to play a bigger role, the relationship gets hit.

We need to make conscious efforts to carefully examine our relationships from time to time and look at how they are impacting our lives. If you gain happiness with one of your acquaintances, ensure you nurture the relationship. If you feel strained about the person, understand why you feel strained and see if you can mend the relationship. If you cannot, then you must reconsider.

What is important to understand and accept is that not all relationships give you the best of the feelings. So, identify those which do and build on those relationships.

Few relationships are very important, family, spouse, boss and your client. Ensure you spend time periodically asking the tough questions to yourself and build on what you have been observing.

Each time you build a new relationship, keep evaluating on your expectation.

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