A very good friend of mine and I once walked into Audi showroom in Bangalore. We just wanted to inquire about their Q3 offering. We initially planned that we would go there, inquire and be back in 30 minutes. After we entered, we were greeted by a receptionist and she then put us to the Executive who was in-charge for Q3. Since the time he introduced himself and till the time we left the showroom after more than 2 hours, the complete experience was just impeccable. He ensured we test drove each of the cars available and during each of the drives he explained in detail as to how you would feel the difference and what should we look out for to understand what the car has to offer. Even after more than a year of visiting the showroom, I remember each detail he spoke and what we did each minute while we were in the showroom. If any day, I can afford a Audi, am sure going back to the very same showroom.

I guess this is what Experience is all about. Never judge your potential consumer of anything. Provide the best experience for each and every client of yours. This is what people look for. They do not buy your service for any other reason other than experience.

I do go through wonderful experiences in my grocery shop and barber shop and probably that is the reason I go back to the same shops again and again for anything I want.

While offering your service, consider yourself to be recieving the similar service. Give the same exact experience of how you would like to receive and am sure that will make all the difference.

Remember, people remember you and your service not because of Quality or superiority, but because of the experience you provide.

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