Consumer Education
Consumer Education

Consumer Education

When you identify a problem and wish to solve it, the most important aspect is consumer education. Bringing out a product or designing a solution and leaving it for people to use does not work. As an entrepreneur, you should demonstrate the functioning of your product/service which falls under Consumer Education.

There are few path-breaking products which came out in the last few decades which needed no education, people just accepted them. On the contrary, there are few products which are awesome, but needed consumer awareness.

The iPod, iPhone and iPad needed no education, please just accepted them and with the gaining importance, they spent time in learning about them. But, products like a Diabetes testing machine, C arm etc, need consumer education as to how they can be effectively used.

When designing a product, as an innovator we need to first evaluate if it needs consumer education. If required, then the first step to the success is to ensure that the education is planned along with the product.

It is just not the idea, but the acceptance of it becomes very important.

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