What I learnt from my Mother
What I learnt from my Mother

What I learnt from my Mother

2014 August is when my mother left us. She had been a homemaker all her life, but with her understanding of mythology, she used to share quite a few stories of her life, childhood and learnings from her mother.

Life was so beautiful when she was around. I am fortunate and blessed to be born to her. A decade ago, I started to get into life problems and all the time she used to share her experiences with me and ask me to incorporate them into my life. Being a youngster, her advice sounded old fashioned and used to argue back with her, but there definitely are quite a few points which I did want to incorporate into my life, but to practice them, took a very long time.

Be silent
Whenever there was an argument at home or when I was frustrated while driving, she used to tell me one simple thing – To remain Silent. She says silence is the best answer to the most frustrating moments. People around you will only point fingers at you always. This is because of various reasons, they might find solace in blaming you. The best thing you can do is to remain silent all the time. Silence speaks louder than words.

Be respectful
Never even think of insulting or speaking low of anyone, because this is not a good feeling and it will hurt you back internally rather than helping. So, keep it simple and speak to each one around you with respect and dignity. That will take you long in life.

Don’t keep hurt
There are times in our life when we get hurt because of someone. Don’t keep it in your heart and keep thinking of it because it will take away you mental peace and will not help you grow. If you can, speak to the person and close the misunderstanding or hurt, else, drop it. It is good for you. Just because you are hurt, nothing is going to change for you in your life. Instead, if you drop the hurt, it will give you more happiness and that happiness will help you think of the next step which will bring you more success.

When I asked her how she manages all these things, she said that whenever she felt hurt or someone said something which hurt her, she always used to chat God’s name which helped her.

Very simple philosophies and this is what everyone tells us, but after she went away, these three came back to me always and now am trying to follow them as much as I can as respect for her and better my life.


  1. SatishC

    Great writeup, Bro. Thanks for sharing your mom’s beautiful thoughts. I remember your sarcastic side, and the funny arguments you used to have with her. I bet she greatly cherished your quirkiness as well.

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