Health hazards in Agriculture
Health hazards in Agriculture

Health hazards in Agriculture

I wanted to touch this topic because, in today’s world, technology is helping us provide better Healthcare to rural areas.
Rural areas predominantly do not have access to higher Healthcare facilities. Mobile Health camps, PHC’s are helping address the needs, but it is important for us to utilize the power of Mobile reach and device new ideas to help improve Healthcare for farmers.
So, what are the health hazards to farmers have?
  • Farming chemicals.
  • The constant presence of dust, mud and mold.
  • Accidents while using farm equipment.
  • Everyday exposure to the sun all the time.
  • Arthritis
  • Risks of various ailments due to varying weather conditions.
The list is just a beginning. Please do add to the list and also, if you are looking at ideas for your Startup, this list can help you.

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