Experience – Future of Healthcare
Experience – Future of Healthcare

Experience – Future of Healthcare

There are more than 50,000 apps which track your health on a mobile phone today. There are numerous wearables which track various vital statistics of the human body. There are good number of companies which are helping address various aliments through technology.
There are pure Healthcare technology companies which are removing paper from Hospitals by building software to improve efficiencies.
One aspect organizations and startup’s should focus on is providing experience.
Experience changes everything. The one experience which makes things happen is the feeling of good and satisfaction. Healthcare is is a very important industry which today by any metric lacks in satisfaction levels. Hospitals focus too much on either financials or turn around time or efficiencies or quantity of services provided. Most of the times, the patient experience is either missed or ignored.
Experience is something what we need to focus on. Experience in care, experience in treatment and experience in the way Hospitals interact with their clients.
The feel good experience is what changes the way Health care is viewed and delivered.

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