Revisiting Expectations
Revisiting Expectations

Revisiting Expectations

All of us have expectations. Be it at home, work, with friends and family. Everywhere and every time.
The most important aspect of expectations is that it becomes the root cause of our disappointments.
So, should I not have expectations? You should. We should. All of us should have expectations. But, these expectations should come with the reality. The reality of realizing the expectations. What is happening is that as times change, our efforts come with an automatic interest of expectations. I have done this, so, I should get this. I put in these efforts in my relationships, and I should get this in return. Honestly, life does not run this way. Even though we have not learnt this formally, it became part of our lives.
So, what can I expect? Expect to enjoy the beauty of life. Expect that the world is waiting for your deliver your duties. Expect that there are no returns for anything for which you do. Expect no one is thinking about you.
You need to set expectations based on what you agree with. When you set these expectations for yourself, you start to be living a life. Your life becomes happier and the world around is more happier.
People say the world has changed, it has become a cruel place etc. But, the world has not changed. It has remained the way for millions of years and it will continue to be so. What has changed is the way we think and act. The moment this is taken care, everything falls into place.
Whatever you do, do it with Passion and what has to come back will come back.

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