Challenges which cannot be overcome
Challenges which cannot be overcome

Challenges which cannot be overcome

We encounter situations which we feel that it cannot be overcome in any way. We are struck and nothing can be done. One thinking is that this is never the case. All situations can be overcome and all it requires is applying our learnings and experiences. At the precise moment, what we need is the ability to think and how we can think different.
In 2009, US Airways flight 1549 was hit by goose while taking off and the pilot’s had nowhere to go over the skies of the densely populated New York City. Captain Sullenberger III maintained his calm and guided the flight to safely land on the Hudson river. This is not the first time an airplane is landing on water, but this is the first time everyone survived the landing.
What is different? In all situations where a flight landed on water, pilots followed the same checklists. Why did other situations fail and this was a success?
Pilot Captain Sullenberger III not only followed the checklist but ensured he was calm and focusing on the task at hand – to land the plane. Since he lost both the engines, his capability of flying back to Newark or any other runway was out of option. When he had no other options, he focused on the available option. Utilized all his skills and brought the plan down in water in the best way possible.
There is no challenge which cannot be overcome, it is the thought of how you can manage the situation and focusing on what is available is what makes the different.

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