In the army, the Commander of the force should and must understand his position in relation to the enemy. Else, he will not be able to make the most efficient use of his army and his efforts will go in vein.
In the similar way, when you are out to sell your idea, you should be equipped to understand where you stand in regards to your competition. Else, you will make the wrong efforts which will only give you heart burn and end up in no or less results.
In developing our thinking skills, we need to understand what position we are in, accept our competitors positioning and then derive a step-by-step strategy to address what we need to achieve.
This comes with a holistic view of what you have available for yourself and how you position your skills to gain the advantage. For this, the first skill you need to embrace is visibility. As the Commander has a map of his battle field and identifies his and his team’s positioning, in the similar way, you will need to draw out a map of your competition and where you are in the competition. Only then you can have a realistic approach to how to tackle the market.
As an entrepreneur, along with giving wings to your idea, have a visible and realistic preposition of the market. This effort will give you unprecedented advantage to make your first win.

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