Entrepreneurs are Risk Lovers
Entrepreneurs are Risk Lovers

Entrepreneurs are Risk Lovers

Yes. This is what is the norm. If you are doing anything outside your comfort zone, then you are a risk lover. Leaving a well paying job and starting out to change the world in your way is definitely a risk not everyone is willing to take or interested in taking, but when you do, you will hear a lot of negative criticism.
Actually, Entrepreneurs are not Risk Lovers, but they are people who have mastered the art of managing risks. 
No one actually takes risks. Taking a risk is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. This is not wise. It will not help in any way. Whereas jumping out of an airplane with a parachute is managing risk.
When Entrepreneurs start, they are not jumping into the open air, but they are jumping out with a plan to ensure that they land safely. They identify and manage all their risks and also few unexpected one’s which come up very well so that they achieve the impossible.
According to a venture capital study, there are fewer than 15% of firms who have been venture funded which are still in operation. This clearly shows that 85% have ceased to exist or in other words, did not manage their risks.
So, the next time you are thinking different ensures there is a plan for all bumps.

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