Managing Adversity

It was found out that the number of startup’s during the Economic downtime in 2009 was much higher than during the Internet and Dot Com boom in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.
This means that people are thinking different and having an appetite to do something different during difficult and testing times than when everything is going right.
When Cadbury came to India, it was a new market for them. Not for finding customers to buy chocolate, but selling them without refrigeration in the hot climate. This is the time to step out of their comfort zone and develop a chocolate which does not melt easily in hot climate. Eclairs was their answer. There was soft chocolate in the toffee, but was moulded in hard chocolate. In this way, it did not melt easily even in hot weather.
As Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs, it is very important to understand the situation and arrive at solution. The best times to think different is when in times of crisis.
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