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How Google is influencing Healthcare in India

Google today announced that it will make available access to more than 400 health conditions on their search site in English and Hindi for the India’s population. This feature is already available in the US and recently they have also started in Brazil.
In India Google will do a check of the condition and symptoms partnering with Apollo Hospitals and Columbia Asia.
Google being the go-to site for search, Google wants to bring Health education to the finger tips of its users. With mobile subscriptions crossing over 800 Million and phone based search reaching more than half a billion users, this will definitely help users to be more aware of themselves and the symptoms they have.
I wrote about educating the Healthcare consumer few days ago and this is one way of educating the consumer. I am sure that over the period of time, Google may start suggesting the Doctors / Hospitals / Clinics you can visit for the kind of symptom you have searched including providing finger tip taxi booking along with medicine delivery.
Is this not what the future is?
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