According to UNICEF, there are 353,000 babies born around the world each day and in India, there are 24 babies born each minute.

India is a land of divinity and socially conscious people. Children’s names need to be according to various parameters and should be acceptable to everyone in the family and friends circle. There are 1.2 Million searches for the keyword “Indian baby names” recorded each month.

We talk to family and friends and take guidance from astrologers in naming our kids. Is there a way to ask people around the world to suggest names for our kids instead of just posting on our Facebook wall or tweet? is a unique offering addressing this massive need. Getting options and many of which you would not have even heard is just a click away. Log into the website, select the criteria for naming your baby and publish. Apart from your friends and family suggesting names, you will have suggestions coming from across the world. You select the name of your choice and the person who suggested the name gets a high-five and rewarded for his/her creativity. Simple.

This idea is born from a couple who struggled and went around requesting for suggesting a name for their daughter. Ratnakar Poduri, founder of nameRnewborn has spent more than a year researching the idea and all efforts have taken shape now.

It is all about uniqueness. One should be really lucky to get an email ID of their choice readily available. How we differentiate ourselves remains the key to a successful and eventful life.

Log on, get suggestions for names for your kids and also participate in suggesting names to other parents. This is just a beginning of transforming the way we name our kids.

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