Building the Healthcare ecosystem
Building the Healthcare ecosystem

Building the Healthcare ecosystem

Over the last two years, Healthcare has been on an exponential growth. Previously, Healthcare was limited to professionals who have been in the field and others stayed away from it even though they thought they could solve the problems. However, things changed. There are many non-Healthcare professionals who have been in the technology space who are partnering with people from other streams to solve and address the Healthcare needs.

Today, there is more than $100 Billion riding on Healthcare technology alone in India with expectations of it growing to $280 Billion by 2020.

What we have today is the opportunity to identify the pain points and build a workable solution around it. This provides the opportunity to look at aspects which were non-existent earlier. For instance, with the advent of apps being available for finding Doctors and medical services in a particular area, provided an opportunity for people to explore nearest medical services and get just in time help.

With Doctor’s consultations being available on Skype, it is easy now to find a specialist and set up an appointment and speak to them in detail. The list goes on.

What we need to focus is to build sustainable models which can be replicated across. Moving away from the core infrastructure problems such as Doctor:Patient ratio has not even started with the advent of technology, but on a long run, this can be addressed.

Startup’s focusing on addressing Healthcare should understand what is the existing infrastructure and how we can utilise it to build our offering around it. In simple words, building mutually inclusive offerings is the need of the hour.

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