Transitioning to be an Entrepreneur
Transitioning to be an Entrepreneur

Transitioning to be an Entrepreneur

Victor Hugo once said there is one thing stronger than all armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come. I believe in it.

Since my college days, I always wanted to do something on my own, I don’t know why. While in college I still remember selling Kirloskar UPS to companies from 3 PM – 7 PM as a part time job. Then I spent few months selling computer peripherals (Printer cartridges, print paper etc) on call. It started like that, but as life would make you change courses, I moved to the corporate world. Learnt a lot, met a lot of amazing and inspiring people who shaped my career and could see the world a bit too. All these taught me one new thing each day and helped me mould myself into a better person.


Three months ago, when I stepped out of my comfort zone of sitting in a wonderful office and doing the most passionate job I did for over 12 years, life came calling. I wanted to seriously focus and do something which will give me wings. Like everyone, I had quite a few ideas and I debated with myself wrote quite a few business plans, trashed a lot of paper, filled in few notepads with my scribblings, gulped quite a few beers unable to decide.


Then I decided to stop banging my head against the wall and wanted to start with one idea which came to me each day for at least two weeks. This happened to be ADURO.


ADURO in Spanish means to kindle, to set fire. The A in the logo is replaced by the ^ symbol. This represents the exponentiation. Why the ^ symbol? That is because at ADURO we believe in creating offerings which will help you achieve more for the efforts you put in. Who does not like it?




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  1. rama rao v

    Wish you all success and happiness in this new phase of your career for whioh you seem to be specially cut and skilled. It is a challenging venture to be an enterpenure and you have the grit and guts to take on the challenge.

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