Should you sell in person or virtually?
Should you sell in person or virtually?

Should you sell in person or virtually?

This morning, a good friend of mine and I were having a conversation on the phone and he started to scold me. Literally! He does that with brotherly love though. So, nothing to worry 🙂

I mentioned to him that I am heading to Mumbai for few client interactions and he said that in today’s world I should make use of technology and do Video conference with potential clients rather than traveling every time. Not for anything, but as a bootstrapped entrepreneur and someone who is quickly burning cash, this is indeed very important.

I told him, “I agree, but for me, a personal connect is very important. It gives confidence to the client that this person is coming all the way and is real and has a passion to solve the problem”. This is the same way I look at wearing a blazer or suit whenever I meet a client. Many people asked me why I do that. It is to show that I am committed to the time they have given me and I truly respect that. My dress is a way to express my respect for their time and business.

Do you remember Barney Stinson from How I met your Mother? Suit up! And throughout the sitcom, he is the only one who stands out with his passion for suits and, you know it 😉

After the meetings in Mumbai, I now am more convinced that we need to make the first impression especially when you are building your product and getting the first clients on board.

What are your thoughts?

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