The Third Option
The Third Option

The Third Option

As individuals we always have 2 options in life- To do or Not to do. But have you any time considered the third options which exists?

For every situation in life, we predominantly look at the 2 options which are in front of us. Yes/No. But there are chances that 99% of the time, these two options don’t work and we need to work on a mix which we rarely see. This is called the “rare mirror view”.

Since the time I have started this entrepreneur journey, I personally went through this many a times. Especially, during the last few months, I am being in this situation almost each day. Should I give up, or push myself. Each day bring a new challenge. Many a days I feel like this is done and I cannot push another day. I will give up now. When I sit down to actually write the options down, the first 2 are always Yes/No. However, when I spend more time thinking about the problem, I get the third option and the next few days will be about pursuing the third option. This option will make you look at the situation In a different way.

After few days or so, again the same situation and the exercise repeats; but now you have 3 other options which did not exist on the day one.

What the Third Option does is basically it will help you see the situation differently. This threshold will look like it is ceasing to exist each time. For instance, over the last few months, I personally got 6 other options on how I can get things done when the first time I had only 2. This changes everything and this is how I started learning more.

Today, I have more options than I had on Day 1 and surprisingly this gives me more avenues to address the situation and, the Yes/No have become the last 2 options.

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