Since March, life has changed for the complete world and I am no exception to this. As an entrepreneur, it has been a humbling experience to live without much progress in what I do and convincing potential clients to adapt our technology has become even more tougher. Each day, I start with a HOPE that today things are going to change, but the day ends with disappointment and depression.

I however believe that if we stay resilient and keep focusing on the goal, things are definitely going to come your way over a period of time. How to stay resilient?

Resilience is not a quality which will come in a day, it has to be practiced. This is an attribute which comes over a period of time. People who changed the world have this quality and I tell myself that this is what is required to ensure success.

We have come of an age where we see sudden successes and ideas changing the world, but did those ideas get executed overnight? Of course not. Yes, one or two might have, but the main changes did not happen overnight. Internet has been in use since the 1950’s, but it took 40 years to become mainstream. Internet is something which changed the course of the world. Without internet we cannot image today.

SAP, when it came to India took 10 years to add 1000 clients, but the next 1000 came in the 11th Year.

Our idea to change the way properties are managed and technology intervention to enhance operations is a tough nut to crack, but I believe we can do it.

However, the only thing I have today is the HOPE that TODAY is the day that things are going to change.


  1. Mallika Edwards

    Love the commentary on hope and finding freedom. Well done Hari and carry on. I always think you should have 1 thing everyday to hope for and that lets you make it through tough days.

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