Why I am open to Work in 2021?
Why I am open to Work in 2021?

Why I am open to Work in 2021?

Once you are an Entrepreneur, you are an Entrepreneur. You really wish not to go back to work for any reason what-so-ever. However, being an Entrepreneur opens you a whole new world of challenges. How much ever you plan, what ever you plan, you will come to terms with the uncertainty and this keeps knocking everyday in your journey.

Over the last 18 months, the idea of HAPLO was to narrow the gap between technology and Real Estate. We build the platform and in these unprecedented times our deal closure times have increased 3-fold.

We are a bootstrapped startup and we wish to remain this way (apart from being open to angel funds) until we establish our name in the market.
Being bootstrapped, we have been cash crunched and we have looked at various options to keep things going.

I am a strong espouse of theThirdOption.

Option 1 – Give up.

Option 2 – Generate revenue and keep going.

theThirdOption – Work to generate income and focus on the sales.

Being an entrepreneur is getting creative. Personally, I have made a choice to get creative and start looking at options where I can work and continue on building our product.

I personally and strongly believe in HAPLO. It will change the way technology penetrates into Real Estate.

However, at this point of time, since we do not want to close or borrow, I am choosing to work part-time/consulting to keep myself and HAPLO afloat.

I talk more about this in my latest PodcastEntrepreneurship in 2021

What are your thoughts on my perspective?

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