Why, What, Where and How of Innovation?
Why, What, Where and How of Innovation?

Why, What, Where and How of Innovation?

The brain works just like a computer, so, let’s program it.

Innovation, the most commonly used noun around us. The word is so very powerful that all of us wish to use it in our daily lives, in our resume’s and most importantly, when we talk. But what actually is innovation? Why is this noun so powerful and can change lives, how do we become innovators?

There are quite a lot of books, articles, write-ups, videos and many more just on this topic. Most of these touch on the aspects of why innovation is important to organisations, but here, I would like to touch upon the very same thing for us, individuals.

The Why?

Why should we innovate ourselves? Just as organisations create innovation process to increase their value every day, we as individuals should also think outside the box from time to time to enhance our value to the family, organisation and society we live in. The moment you stop creating value, there is nothing much left for you to do.

The What?

According to science, we use 100% of our brain. However, thoughts and ideas which emerge depend on how sharp your brain is. For instance, say you never ever played basketball in your life. One day, you suddenly started playing a tournament. What would be the outcome? Other players are using techniques and methods to beat you to the game. And they will. Why? Because, they have been training their mind and body to the game. They know all the technical details of the game which will help them to visualise more permutations and combinations to scoring than you.

In the similar way, if you continuously think and exercise your brain, you will be able to bring out the best in you.

The Where?

The big question, where does innovation happen? Is it in the mind or brain?

Innovation happens in our mind supported by the activities of the brain.

Let me back this up. Mind is mental aspect and the brain is physical. When a thought arises in mind, depending on the status of the brain, the reaction comes. If the brain is active, producing normal amounts of serotonin, thoughts are backed up with meaningful thought process. But if one is not producing enough serotonin, the same thought might not yield the same result.

The How?

To learn something new, one must pay attention to two things – The Principles and Methods.
Principals are the foundation stones. Principals are nothing other than the domain knowledge. Understand the domain, to better strengthen the idea which can create a higher probable solution / innovation.
Methods are which in which you depict the solutions.

Sounds simple, but it’s a lot more effort than one can see.


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