The First Rule of Ideation
The First Rule of Ideation

The First Rule of Ideation

Let’s accept,

There is no such thing as a bad idea!

So, how do you begin your journey to validate if your idea makes sense or not?


Define the problem in as simple words as you can. What are you trying to solve. After you write, share it with you family or friends and ask them to explain back to you what they understand. Keep repeating the process until they tell you exactly what you have in mind.


Start collecting as much data as you can on the problem. Who else is solving this problem, how are they solving, what is the new thing you are going to add, how are you going to make it more simpler for the consumer?


Take your problem definition and the solution you have in mind to a potential customer or client. Ask them what they think of it and if they would use your solution. You will definitely learn more form the first person you meet. Add them to the list of upcoming features list. Keep repeating the process until you convince your potential client.


Analyse what you have envisaged as a ideator. Bring all the data together and identify your costing and your marketing plan.

Value Preposition

Identify the Value Preposition of your idea – What and how is your customer going to benefit using your idea. Go as vertical as you can to get to the depth of the value preposition.

Does this make sense?

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