Control Vs Prediction
Control Vs Prediction

Control Vs Prediction

Entrepreneurship is about an idea which adds value to the society and makes money. Yes, the idea is important, but what else is important is the ability to control one’s life.

Having control over life does not mean that you are a control freak, but you are someone who manages their time, effort and money efficiently.

Entrepreneurs learn from others, have a longer / higher vision and can see small things which can either hinder or add value to someone’s life.

Entrepreneurship is about prediction. Entrepreneurs learn to predict and also control the future.

When you have an idea and build a solution, you draw up a roadmap which will demonstrate how many people are going to use your solutions and when someone adopts to your way, you directly or indirectly start controlling their behaviour through your solution. Once that becomes a habit, it is very difficult for someone to change.

Predicting user behaviour along with providing a valuable solution is something which makes entrepreneurs different.

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