The Powers Within
The Powers Within

The Powers Within

As individuals, we think we need extraordinary powers to achieve something big. But, what are these powers and where do they come from?

The answer is simple, they come from within us.

What are these powers? These powers are categorised into two – Latent Powers and Occult Powers.

Latent Powers

Latent powers are rudimentary and they are within us and these powers usually do not mature into what we want unless we ignite them or start to utilise them.

Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth invoked his latent powers within which helped him train and achieve what he has achieved.

I am sure all of you have heard Virat Kohli, one of Indian Cricket Team’s legendary player say “One day in the dressing room, I saw myself in the mirror and said to myself that I am not going to be a good player unless I do something about my physical fitness and that day on wards I changed my food and lifestyle habits”. He invoked his Latent powers to improve his health and fitness and the rest his history.

Do you think these individuals are different from us? Why could they achieve what they did and why can’t we achieve what we need to? For this to happen, we need to first accept our flaws and start focusing on nurturing them. That’s when good starts to becoming great.

As Entrepreneurs, we need find what it takes for us to solve the problem or achieve what need to and start focusing on them.

Occult Powers

The moment you hear this name, it is accepted that you look at it negatively mainly relating to psychic’s and people who do things which are not normal. In the west, it is related to a psychological disorder and in the East people also refer in a different way.

However, Spiritually, Occult Powers are related to using your body along with the powers in the nature to achieve control over something. For instance, igniting the 7 Chakra’s in the body with meditation, music and if you are comfortable with appropriate sloka’s in the Veda’s can help you bring more control you to body and mind and with synergies with the nature you can achieve what you wish. This is all about control.

I am sure you must have seen people doing magic and making objects appearing in their hand. This is nothing but using the powers within the body and connecting with nature to do the impossible. If you ever speak to any one who does these things, they laugh it off saying its the basic thing you can do when you start connecting your body to the nature. But, to get here takes years of practice.

As Entrepreneurs, we need to find a means to help us achieve what we want. Spending sometime to ourselves each day meditating, chanting, or anything which can help you channel your energies, it helps in enhancing the focus on what you want to do.

How do you invoke your inner powers?

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