Tangible Vs Intangible Value
Tangible Vs Intangible Value

Tangible Vs Intangible Value

When ideating, the most important aspect of creating a business model is understanding the true Value of the idea.

What is the Value?

In true definition, Value can be tangible or intangible. Not every idea needs to create tangible value, but if does create intangble value, it needs to be very clearly articulated.

For example, when you place an order through Swiggy for groceries, what kind of value is Swiggy giving you? Tangible or intangible? Definitely tangible. You are not saving money, but you are saving time.

What kind of value Co-working spaces provide? Intangible. How? Because, it might be expensive to work out of a co-working space many a times (based on location etc), but what they are saving you are all your efforts in renting, making and maintaining the space. Instead of all these efforts, you are simply paying a monthly rent to someone else who maintains the office for you. If you calculate all the aspects of renting, making and maintaining the space, this can bring out a tangible value too. However, in this case it is more intangible because it provides convenience and reduces lot of man-power.

Now, for your idea, look at what tangible and intangible value you are creating to the end user.


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